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I Will Draw You Really Good


My inbox is full of people asking me to draw them professionally with 3D effects and I have to be all like "I'm really sorry, I don't have time" and it makes them sad, which also makes me sad.

You can now commission me to draw a digital portrait of you, which I will sign with my name and age (to make it a professional piece of work).

You could even commission me to draw your family, friends or pets - as a present or professional gift that they can treasure for all of time.

Drawings will be delivered as 1000x1000 pixels - JPEG and PNG files. Perfect for uploading to all of your social media pages or for printing off and putting up on the wall next to your bed. You could even put it on the ceiling above your bed so that it is the first thing you see when you wake up.

10/10 would commission again.